11.11 Promotion Singapore 2023

Unbelievable 11.11 Sale Singapore from Doorvisual 2023

The 11.11 sale Singapore is back for 2023 and is bigger and better than ever! Doorvisual offers unbelievable discounts this year on its Mild steel Gates, Main doors, and Digital locks. So, if you’re looking for these super-quality new products for your home, now is the perfect time to buy.

What’s so Special About 11.11 Sale Singapore in Doorvisual?

During the 11.11 sales:

  • The company offers discounts for customers who purchase Mild steel gates or Main doors.
  • Customers can get Digital lock models at the maximum discounted price.
  • Other deals like Year-end sale are also available, including free gifts with purchases.
  • Free installation and delivery on all main doors and digital door locks during the sale.
  • This helps customers save even more money on their new purchases

Doorvisual is offering two special bundles during the 11.11 sale:

Bundle 1: Laminate Main Door & Kaiser+ M-1590SKK On 11.11 sale Singapore


If you buy a Laminate main door, get a Kaiser+ M-1590skk digital door lock by just topping up SGD 111 with it. You can Save up to SGD 388 from this deal.

This Digital lock is Specially designed and developed for Singapore HDB Wooden Doors.

Technical Features of Kaiser+ M-1590SKK :

It can be operated in six different modes:

  • New generation Fingerprints.
  • RFID cards.
  • Passwords.
  • Mechanical Keys.
  • Wi-Fi (Optional).
  • Remote Control (Optional).

Price Drop Alert: Buying a Laminate main door in this 11.11 promotion you get a Kaiser+ M-1590SKK digital door lock worth SGD 499 at just SGD 111 through this mega Diwali sale. Grab this opportunity to save big!

Bundle 2: Hdb Mild steel gate & Kaiser+ M-1500GNK On 11.11 Sale Singapore


This bundle has a Mild steel gate and Kaiser+ M-1500GNK digital gate lock by just topping up SGD 111 with it. You can Save up to SGD 388 from this deal.

Technical Features of Kaiser+ M-1500GNK :

The lock offers four access modes:

  • RFID cards.
  • Password.
  • Fake password.
  • Mechanical key.

Additionally, there are optional features available:

  • Wi-Fi (Optional) for remote access.
  • Remote Control (Optional) for opening the gate from inside the house

Price Drop Alert: Buying a Mild steel gate in this exclusive 11.11 promotion at a competitive price, you are getting the Kaiser+ 1500GNK digital gate lock worth SGD 499 at just SGD 111. Don’t miss out on the exciting deal!

Conclusion: Why choose Doorvisual for your home renovation?

Doorvisual is a leading provider of main gates, doors, and digital locks in Singapore. They offer a wide variety of gates, doors, and locks to choose from, and their products are made with the highest quality materials. Doorvisual also offers a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re buying a quality product.

 Also, We support for

  • Friendly EMI Payment Options
  • Free Installation
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Old Door and Gate Dismantling
  • Free Estimation For Your Home Requirement
  • Free Consultation to Choose the Right Gate and Door
  • Best Warranty policy
  • Customizable Options

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