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The Cost of Installing a Main Gate: What You Need to Know

You should be unaware of the Cost of Installing a Main Gate, but it’s a necessity because adding a main gate to your home’s entrance is a classic way to boost your property’s visual appeal and security.

Walking through an impressive entry gate always feels a cut above walking straight from the sidewalk to your front door.

But before you invest in a new gate system, it helps to understand the full scope of costs involved beyond just the price of the gate itself.

Depending on the project’s complexity, installation, and maintenance costs for main gates can quickly run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

To ensure you budget appropriately and avoid any nasty surprises, let’s walk through the various expenses that factor into a gate installation.

We’ll cover everything from the cost of the gate materials to ongoing maintenance and saving strategies for reducing costs.

Gate Types in Singapore

When choosing the best gate for your home, there are many options to consider. The material and design you go with will largely depend on your budget, style preferences, & the environment your gate will be in.

Some of the most common gate types include:

-Laser cut gates:


If you want a truly distinctive entrance, a laser-cut steel gate with intricate Islamic designs is hard to beat. The laser-cutting process creates clean, precise edges that make the patterns pop.
Laser Cut Gate Examples, Click Here

-Laminate gates:


Made of molded plastic laminate resin, these are a cost-effective option that comes in various designs and finishes. They tend to be lower maintenance compared to wood.

Laminate Gate Examples, Click Here

-Wall art gates :


Feature creative designs and patterns laser cut into the metal for a unique aesthetic.

Wall Art Gate Examples, Click Here

-Mild steel gates:


An affordable option that’s durable enough for high-traffic areas. You can opt for a powder-coated finish for some protection against rusting.

Mild Steel Gate Examples, Click Here

-Tempered Glass gates:


These are an excellent option for people who like the transparency and openness of glass but want a bit more security. They’re also very strong, Tempered glass has made it possible for these items to resist significant wear and tear without breaking.

Tempered Glass Gates Examples, Click Here

Key things that impact the cost of materials for your gate include:

• The size – Wider and taller gates obviously require more material. Around 3×7 feet is suitable for HDB flats, while 4×7 feet works well for condos and landed homes.

• The style – Swing gates are the most common, but there are also different styles in design that you can choose from our collections.

• Materials quality – Higher grade metals, thicker wood (for wooden mild steel gates, laminate gates), and more durable powder coatings tend to cost a bit more but last longer.

The costs for each of the gates we provide are listed below:

Laser cut gates – $1,150.00 – $1,400.00 – Check out the less cost laser cut gates

Mild steel gate – $750.00 – $1,350.00 – Check out the less cost mild steel gates

Tempered glass gate – $1,180.00 – $1,280.00 – Check out the less cost tempered glass gates

Wall art gate – $1,180.00 – $1,530.00 – Check out the less cost wall art gates

Laminate gate – $1,080.00 – $1,680.00 – Check out the less cost laminate gates

The gates we offer are also available through installments If you can also comfortably purchase our gates online.

Installation and Labor Costs

At Doorvisual, we understand that installation and labor costs are a major concern for any gate project. That’s why we offer all our gate installation and related services completely free of charge, including:

Free professional installation – Our experienced installers will mount and securely install your new gate at no cost to you. From beginning to end, they handle the installation process.

Free on-site measurement – Our specialists will come out to your property and professionally measure the size of your gate opening. 

Free Quotations – Our experts are available to help you select a gate design that will meet your needs & match the style of your home.

Free shipping – We ship your gate directly to your home or project location free of cost. You never pay for shipping on any gate order with us.

Free disposal of old gates – Our installers will properly dispose of any old gates on your property at no additional expense.

No hidden fees – You’ll never be charged any extra amounts beyond the cost of the gate itself. We are fully transparent and upfront about pricing.

Since we provide installation and labor free of charge, the only costs you’ll need to budget for are the materials for the gate itself. Our service aims to make the entire process as simple, seamless, and affordable as possible for you. Sounds Cool, right?

Maintenance Costs

Even after you’ve installed your shiny new gate, the costs don’t necessarily end there. Over time, all gates will require some degree of ongoing maintenance to keep them in good working condition. Thankfully, most maintenance for gates is fairly straightforward and inexpensive. 

The following are the main expenses you should plan for:

Repainting or refinishing –

This is the highest periodic cost for wooden gates. Depending on the materials & quality of the original finish, you’ll likely need to restain or repaint your gate every few years. If you hire a pro, expect to pay a few hundred dollars for the supplies and labor. But it’s usually something you can tacke yourself for much less.

Realignment and adjustments –

Over time, hinges, latching mechanisms and closers can become loose or misaligned. Periodic tightening and readjustment of these parts is crucial to keep your gate opening and closing smoothly. Fortunately, this is usually a simple DIY fix if you have some basic tools & know-how.

Repair or replacement of parts –

Eventually moving parts like rollers, hinges, chains or latches will wear out and need to be repaired or replaced. Thankfully replacement parts are widely available and affordable for most common gate types. Most spare parts should only cost $20-$100 each, depending on the materials and brand.

Therefore, with awareness of costs upfront and proper care over time, a new gate can boost your home’s curb appeal and security for years to come

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