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We simplify your home safety requirements in our showroom with a door, gate, and digital lock. Yes, we also offer the digital lock to the door as well as to the gate. In our showroom at DoorVisual, digital locks of leading companies like Samsung, Hafele, Schlage, Loghome and Kaiser and Solity are available.

Different Brand of Digital Locks


A safe and convenient life made accessible by the Samsung Smart Door Lock

Our Samsung Digital Security Locks (Push-Pull, Mortise, Deadbolt, RIM) are continually pushing the limits of home security with a newly released Push Pull lock concept and Bluetooth technology.

We offer numerous Fingerprint Digital Locks and have expanded our coverage to Gates and Glass Doors. Security is your concern; and our specialty.

SMART IoT – WiFi Digital Door Lock
The most advanced door opening technology

Hafele Smart Lock Singapore

Thanks to quality and service based on German standards, Hafele has developed gradually and is a world-class company. Thanks to our experience in the furniture and construction sectors, Hafele has become a famous hardware specialist, not just internationally but notably in Asia.

Founded in Singapore since 1988, Hafele offers our customers the latest technology and comprehensive solutions with architectural hard-ware, equipment for furniture and electronic access control systems.

Hafele offers overall exceptional customer service, high efficiency and creativity in our products, making our solutions the perfect source and partner.

Schlage Smart Lock Singapore

Take security to the next level with electronic access solutions. They let you manage your openings with user tracking, door monitoring, lockdown and other capabilities that can be applied campus-wide or to just one door. You gain a better level of intelligence and control for the who, where and when of access for security that’s more immediate and easier to manage.

A wide range of credential reader options allows efficient, simplified control for granting and revoking user rights. Flexible and upgradable locks also provide savings and convenience. As credential technologies immerge, upgrade without replacing the locking mechanism. You can even move from standalone to networked over time and as budgets permit.

With Schlage, you gain forward thinking technologies for security today and tomorrow and the expertise to help you make the right choices.

Loghome Smart Lock Singapore

This Loghome Digital lock Singapore brand holds a reputation for building their locks on the basis of security and reliability. Loghome digital locks are designed to work on any wooden doors, metal gates & glass doors.

The locks come with a two-year full warranty. Besides providing a great sense of assurance for the security of your home, they are also stylish, user-friendly, and convenient.

Kaiser Smart Lock Singapore

Your all-in-one access solution specifically designed for Singapore’s Metal Gate & Main Door

Solity Smart Lock Singapore

Solity is a leading provider of innovative door opening solutions. Reliable and safe security technology with long history & experience in Smaert Digital Door Lock.

“Experienced in Digital Door Lock Manufacturing Since 1980.
Now the largest and #1 manufacturer in Korea.”

Kaadas Smart Digital Lock Singapore

Kaadas, the German lock capital, was born near Velbert. Kaadas is always known for its excellent quality, smart system and elegant appearance. Accelerate the Internet of Things in the 21st century and produce intelligent home goods with a global effect.

Kaadas has followed the religion of ‘Innovation, smartness, quality, honesty and workmanship,’ in order to produce smart locks.