Laminate Main Door

Single Tone Lamiante Main Door

This is the most trendy item for your home. Here we may additionally customise your designs. It’s a wonderful option.

Double Tone Laminate Main Door

Start by getting a laminate two-tone door that provides an excellent touch to your house. This design is constructed of high-quality and cheap materials.

Stanless Steal Stripe Laminate Main Door

Fill your door with a series of steel stripes, gold or gold rose strips. We provide innovative door designs for your beautiful home. Here we are pleased to accept your inquiries.

Groove Line Lamiante Main Door

Groove is the current, stylish line design; the masses mark our groove doors. This characteristic design increases your entrance’s appeal. We supply premium-quality doors here with attractive groove line designs.

Digital Lock

Hafele Digital Lock

Hafele offers excellent customer service, great efficiency and creativity in our products and makes us the perfect source and partner for home solutions.


Kaadas Digital Lock

Kaadas has long been known for its high-quality, attractive and smart system. Produce smart home goods that affect globally.


Samsung Digital Lock

With a newly developed Push-Pull lock idea and Bluetooth technology, our digital security locks from Samsung continue to push to domestic security boundaries.

Kaiser Digital Lock

Lock Kaiser+ digital door All methods for entry are fingerprint, password, RFID card and mechanical key. We provide currently a variety of fingerprint digital locks, doors and doors. Your first concern is safety.

Toilet Door

Q-Fold Toilet Door

Q-fold Door for a two-fold door is a new generation. There is no trail on the ground, smooth, and waterproof, without noise.

Toilet Door

Slide & Swing Toilet Door

This is the best solution for the HDB/BTO kitchen and toilet entrance, which is straightforward to use and easy to open.

Toiler Door

Bi-Fold Toilet Door

The Bi-Fold aluminium door is the ideal way to improve the aesthetic of your toilet. This bifold aluminium door now has an unsurpassed direct factory pricing.

Toilet Door

Aluminium Swing Toilet Door

This is the perfect ideal option for the easy-to-use and easy-to-open toilet and kitchen entry HDB/BTO.


Laminate Bedroom Door

Exotic designs, it is made by Full solid core and High-quality material. Premium finishing is done
it is a Scratch and water repellent

Groove-line Bedroom Door

It is done by using high-quality material. it is resistant to water and scratch. the various designs are available. moreover, the customisation can be done as per the customer’s requirements.

Barn Bedroom Door

This barn bedroom door offers more advantages than opening up extra room. It may be put anywhere – making your décor unlike anything else.