Protect Your Home with the Benefits of a Fire-Rated Door

Protect Your Home with the Benefits of a Fire-Rated Door

Have you ever wondered why some doorways seem to stand up better against fires than others? Is there something special about them that helps protect people and property from the damage of flames? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Fire-rated doors are the secret behind much of our protection against dangerous fires.

With their construction of fire-resistant materials and innovative designs, fire-rated doors can help slow the spread severe heat while keeping everyone safe. So before the threat of fire strikes, consider investing in the unbeatable benefits of a fire-rated door!

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What Are Fire-Rated Doors?

Fire-Rated Doors in Singapore! The words alone spark questions. What are they? How do they work? Can they protect us? Let’s get to the bottom of it! Fire-rated doors are special types of fire safety doors designed to resist the spread of flames for a certain amount of time; normally, it comes with fire resistance for a 30min, 60 min, and 90 min, according to SDFC.

what government says about fire rated doors ? Refer here for more knowledge

In simple words, Fire rated doors are objects that keep us safe from the ravages of Fire. It’s a safety measure regulated by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), as well as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 80-2019 standard.

Fire doors can come in either discrete or non-discrete forms, such as fire extinguishers, fire-rated partitions, and glass blocks. They are made to protect walls, floors, ceilings, and any other openings from Fire. Plus, these types of doors can provide up to two to four hours of fire resistance, depending on the building and local regulations.

In 2019, the SCDF investigated a firm called SETSCO for certifying almost 2,000 doors as fire-safe. That only goes to show how seriously the SCDF takes fire safety measures – and how important it is to adhere to them.

So if you’re ever curious about what fire-rated doors are in Singapore, remember: they’re our protective friends, keeping us safe in times of trouble!

How it is Designed to Protect Against Flame

Fire-rated doors: designed to save your life! What are they? How do they protect against flame and toxic fumes?

Let’s take a closer look!

It all starts with a design that is sturdy and strong. With fireboards or layers of gypsum securing it from the inside, plus cold-rolled steel covering the outside. That’s just the beginning.

The door also has a special closure system with an intumescent seal that expands in the presence of heat; it blocks out flames before they can reach the other side.

Fire-rated doors are made of steel or wood, lined with fire-resistant material, and filled with insulation to prevent the spread of Fire.

They don’t just keep out the flames, but also contain hazardous toxic fumes. Plus, because of their thickness, fire-rated doors act as sound absorbers, blocking noise from spreading through a room in the event of an emergency.

So don’t be scared when there’s Fire—a fire-rated door have you covered!

Different Materials Used in the Construction of Fire-Rated Door

Are we truly safe from a fire? SCDF begs to differ. With strict regulations in place for fire safety, building materials are expected to have the highest standard of fire resistance rating—everything from wall cladding to thermal insulation must be able to endure the heat, which comes with our Fire rated doors.

Additionally, all fire-rated doors are made with sturdy fire-resistant materials such as metal, solid timber, and even fire-resistant glass; these components must be capable of slowing or blocking flames and heat transfer.

To ensure that everything follows standards, we have every hardware used in fire-rated doors, including locks(Digital locks) and panic exit devices that hold a Certificate of Compliance (CoC), which states the brand, model, and test report number.

As per the fire code, all fire-rated boards must be non-combustible and meet an additional required period of fire resistance, and our fire doors have the same quality as needed.

Our Fire resistance ratings of all materials, fire-rated doors, and hardware remain up to par to restrict any potential spread of flames heat transfer during a blaze. When you have a fire-rated main door, you are absolutely safe!

Are Fire Rated Doors Necessary for Your Home?

Are Fire-Rated Doors Necessary for Your Singapore Home? ABSOLUTELY! What will you do if there is a sudden fire that comes right near your corridor, and you’re struggling and panicking as it enters your home? That’s where this hdb fire rated door is important; a fireproof door is a must-have regarding fire protection and safety.

This is one of the best investments you can make for your safety. It’s mandatory or not according to your flat or building terms(You can check the 1st FAQs answer below for more info).

Based on our experience working in the sector for a long time, Fire Rated Doors are designed to resist the spread of Fire, flames so that everyone in the house has a greater chance of escaping unscathed. 

Fire-resistant hdb main door is designed to protect people from the dangers of fires, and they effectively stop the spread of flames and heat, no matter whether you have a big or small home, as long as you’re willing for a hdb main door replacement then you can choose a perfect fire rated door with an ideal Wooden door designing or main door designing.

They can delay the spread of Fire long enough for everyone to escape, which is mentioned in the first subheading, and even help reduce property damage from heat, no matter it’s HDB or BTO. This also means that a fire is less likely to destroy your home.

If You’re Living in an HDB and looking for the best main door replacement pricing throughout the internet, be sure that it’s Fire rated and get a perfect one! 

Main door replacement ideas from an experienced professionals will educate you to make better and possible implementations for your home.

Key Features for Home Safety

Here are the 6 Key Fire-Rated Door Features for Increased Home Safety :

1- Automatic-Close Mechanism: 

Fire rated door is designed to close and latch automatically when the heat rises, creating a fire barrier.

Important: most of the doors don’t have an auto close feature, that’s why you need to buy an additional Fire rated Digital lock to experience more additional features

2- High-Heat Resistance: 

This made from specially treated materials to resist high temperatures and prevent burning.

3- Durable Hardware: Heavy-duty hinges, locks, and other hardware components with UL rated as it adds durability and performance.

Tip 1: When requesting the hdb main door replacement price from a manufacturer. You can inquire as to whether or not the additional hardware is free. So, you can save on cost.

Tip 2: you can also enquire or check out their page if they offer hdb main door promotion. If they offer hdb main door and gate packages for fire doors, then get it; you should always take advantage of a bargain deal like such; also, check the manufacturer’s review & reputation too.

4- Self-Closing Springs:

 Springs help keep a door closed during periods of high vibration or pressure – an important feature if you need a security barrier in an emergency.

5- Thick Insulation: 

Choose a fire-rated door with thick insulation to reduce sound transmission and provide additional protection against heat buildup.

6- Fire Rating Label: 

Lastly, ensure your door has an official label showing its fire rating so you know it meets safety standards.

Other than the benefits its more important to focus on the additional requirements, they are

fire rated digital lock & how to choose

    What Are Their Benefits?

    5 Reasons Fire-Rated Doors Are Your Best Bet in Singapore: 

    1- Maximum Fire-resistance: 

    This door can stop the spread of flames, and other dangerous gases for up to 1-3 hours!

    2- High Strength and Durability: Fire-rated doors are made from thick steel that can withstand temperatures up to 700°C-1200°C. This also helps protect your building from break-ins.

    3- Good Soundproofing: 

    With specially designed sound insulation material in the door, you won’t have to listen to unwanted noise anymore.

    4- Compliance with Regulations: The Singapore Civil Defence Force has strict regulations on fire safety, and fire-resistant doors help ensure that your premises are compliant.

    5- Cost-effectiveness: A single fire-rated door is far more cost-effective than replacing entire walls or floors with fireproof materials. In addition, fire-resistant doors require minimal maintenance, resulting in even greater savings over time.
    Fire rated door example – 1

    Fire rated door example – 2

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Is it mandatory to install fire-rated doors in Singapore?

    A: Yes, installing fire-rated doors in Singapore is mandatory according to local regulations. Most buildings usually require doors to adhere to the International Building Code (IBC) mandates. If you’re living in an HDB Flat where your Entrance is within 3m distance from the elevator or staircase area, then it’s necessary for you to install one.

    Fire doors shall have the appropriate fire resistance as required by relevant parts of the Code. You can use a two-leaf door if the door opens into an external corridor. A self-closing device (door closer) must be installed when replacing a fire-rated door. Fire-rated door are also mandatory for buildings with excessively high ceilings or multi-story buildings.

    Q: How much is a fire rated door in Singapore?

    A fire-rated door can cost up to a whopping S$900-S$1100! But don’t worry – there are cheaper options available too, but the sad part is that the cheaper ones offers the same cheap quality as its price. 

    Be prepared to shell out more than S$1200-S$1500 for a long-lasting, good-looking with accurate front door designing & perfect factory-made finishing.

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