Probably one in each of the foremost incorrectly interchanged words at intervals the doors – laminate, veneer and melamine. Clearly, so if you think that regarding but all three can look so deceivingly similar.

When it involves doors markets, the topic will presumably pop-up once having to pick work-surface crack, though’ it’s not restricted to simply dusking. We’ve diminished the three materials below so you don’t find yourself scratching your head in confusion:


It is also mentioned as direct or low-pressure laminate. It’s what you get once skinny paper is applied at 300-500 psi on a substrate board. Technically speaking, melamine is that the glue won’t to saturate the layers of paper transformed into a solid, plastic surface through thermal fusion.

In general, melamine is worth effective thanks to its manufacturing technique. It’s together on the market. However, it fails once status or water worries. The board it’s secure on together had voids at the tip. Melamine could also be a pleasant alternative if you’re attempting to value engineer merchandise that are meant to possess up to a 5 year period.


When sheets of paper, for the most part wrapping paper soaked in plastic compound is placed below 1400 psi on a substrate, the following product is laminate or HPL – high Laminate. It’s a further advanced technique involving four stages – soaking sheets in compound, drying; stacking. This recently intentional layer of laminate is combined with a decorative film layer then connected to a wood substrate.

While laminate are usually barely costlier, it’s further durable to status, chemicals, and heat and impact resistance. The type of laminate is picked on a performance and supposed use of the merchandise. HPL is sometimes divided into varied product types: general purpose, surface, post forming, flame agent, high wear, cabinet liner and backers, but most frame general purpose.

The key characteristic is exterior likeness to wood displays. A singular film with completely different colors and shades is employed to realize this look.

Important options are light-weight; sturdy, serious load resistant panels. The wet resistance and sound isolation are the custom options of the laminate doors. The prices are considerably not up to variety of tree product.

That’s why the Laminate doors are a lot of fashionable than veneer and melamine within the market.


A thin layer of hardwood that is secure to a more cost effective surface below. It’s acknowledged to be the most effective expression of wood at intervals the business market, and should be a natural product. The manufacturing technique usually involves selecting the type of piece, then cutting or ‘peeling’ it in specific manner. The direction and mechanism thereupon its raw offers the veneer surface its characteristic grain and texture. Veneer comes from trees, and trees are natural, so the grain and texture being distinctive. Victimization veneer is ecologically and economically blessings as you get further out of 1 log once cut in sheets, as against solid wood.

Owing to origin and manufacturing technique, it’s comprehensible why veneer is costlier than every melamine and laminate. The color is to boot specific to the type of tree, but are usually stained to appreciate non-natural colors. It permits designs and arrangements of the wood that do not appear to be potential with solid wood or laminates. It’s together further stable, and is not susceptible to warp, grating or seasonal movement.

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