One Desk - The Best Ergonomic and Standing Desks in Singapore

With a height-adjustable standing desk, you can work in comfort

This ergonomic table/desk can be adjusted to any height that you need and it has a lot of other features to keep you comfortable.

It has a heavy-duty base with wheels, which makes moving it around easy.

One desk can have a wide range of electric standing desks that can help make working more comfortable and efficient.


Easy Height Adjustment

Touch Control

1000+ Laminate Designs

Load Capacity 125 KG

Water Resistent

Anti Virus Series

Anti Bacteria Series

Solid Color Series

Wood Series

Pattern Series

Gaming Series

Luxurious Series

Features of One desk

  • Dual motors provide a stable and quick height adjustment, and also provide more durability, a high-quality, more comfortable, and faster experience.
  • A 3-tier column makes it simple to complete your task in a smooth and efficient way.
  • The speed is 38 mm per second and is quick and steady, which allows for more reaction time for the user and an easy height adjustment.
  • Ultra-Silent operation Noise level less than 45 dB when adjusting Like a refrigerator, lower than an electric toothbrush.
  • It has an enhanced Anti-collision feature
  • A touch controller allows you to change the height of the table (580mm to 1230mm).
  • Height Adjustment is easy ranging from 60cm to 125cm – Making you more comfortable to work in a proper posture to prevent any health problems
  • Lower Power Consumption 0.5W (Same as TV on standby).
  • 2 x USB fast charging port.
  • It has a Load Capacity of 125 KG – which can occupy 1 kid and 1 adult
  • Holeless back design with a sturdy structure.
  • LCD monitor display displays table height.
  • It has 3 preset table heights which can be set via memory setting
  • Expandable function Can be used in different ways when property upgrading

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Onedesk – Perfect for Any Workplace

Because of their unique sleek and classic style, These Height adjustable tables are also a perfect office desk or office table.

In Onedesk there are Other series of desks that are also suitable for kids, personal use, and more.

Therefore this makes onedesk the perfect working desk in the market.These standup desks are height adjustable from 60mm to 125mm,
which makes them a great sit-stand desk.

They are also Packed with features, such as USB ports for charging and electric controls for alterations.

If you are Looking for a quality height-adjustable standing desk in Singapore? Then You can consider getting a desk from us!