Igloohome Mortise Touch MT1 Fire Rated Digital Door Lock

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The igloohome Mortise Touch makes everyday life easier and more stylish. It lets you enter your home without even lifting your finger. This smart and elegant device goes well with wooden doors, adding a touch of sophistication to your busy modern life..

Access Modes:

PIN Code: You can set and use up to 100 unique PIN codes to unlock the door.

Fingerprint: Store and recognize up to 100 different fingerprints, ensuring secure, convenient, and Fast access.

RFID Card: With support for up to 100 RFID cards, it’s easy to grant access to authorized individuals.

Bluetooth Key: The Bluetooth feature allows for keyless entry, and smartphone-based entry when your phone is nearby.

Mechanical Keys: In addition, you also have the option of using 5 physical, mechanical keys as a backup access method.


Technical Specifications:

Modes of Access(Entry): PIN code, Fingerprint, Bluetooth key, RFID tags, and physical keys
Mode of access(Exit): Inner handle, Digital keys, Multi function button and key Fob
Fingerprint: Yes [Capacity-100]
RFID: Yes [capacity-100]
Provided RFID Tags & Stickers: 1 pair of tags | 1 pair of stickers
Bluetooth: Yes
Physical Keys: Yes [5 keys]
Wi-fi: No
Remote: No
Power Type: 4 AA alkaline batteries
Battery Life: Up to 10 months
Emergency Power: 9V Alkaline Battery
Battery Operating Temp: -10°C to 50°C / 14°F to 122°F
Operation Temp: -25°C to 55°C / -77°F to 131°F
Certifications: IP54, CE, FCC
Protocols: Bluetooth® 5.0, algoPIN™ technology, RFID Card & Tags, Physical Keys
Gross (with packaging): 5.2kg / 11.46lbs
Net: 4.6kg / 10.14lbs
Body: Zinc Alloy, ABS, Acrylic
Usage: Advised to be installed under sheltered areas, not to be exposed to wet weather conditions.
Warranty: 2-Year Warranty
Installation: Free Installation

Upgrade your home security effortlessly with the Igloohome Mortise Touch MT1 smart lock. Discover the convenience and peace of mind it brings, along with these product highlights…

  1. Multiple Access Options: The Igloohome Mortise Touch MT1 offers versatile access methods, including PIN codes, Bluetooth keys, and traditional physical keys, ensuring you can choose the most convenient option for you.
  2. High-Level Security: With encrypted communication, this smart lock provides robust security for your home, protecting it from unauthorized access and potential breaches.
  3. Offline Operation: You can operate this lock without the need for an internet connection, ensuring reliable access even in the absence of a Wi-Fi signal.
  4. Long Battery Life: The Igloohome Mortise Touch MT1 boasts an extended battery life, allowing you to enjoy up to 9 months of usage with just four AA batteries, reducing the hassle of frequent battery replacement.
  5. Sleek Design: Its modern and minimalistic design complements any door, adding a touch of elegance and style to your home’s entryway.



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