Oak VFold Toilet Door Design – DVF-7202

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Oak VFold Aluminum Folding Door

Very Quiet, Smooth & High Quality Door, Similar To An Flight(Aeroplane) Toilet Door !! We specialized in supplying of folding doors in different designs and style to meet customers needs.

  • Secure door lock mechanism
  • Impact resistant hinge and panels
  • Space Saver
  • Top Track Only No Bottom Track
  • Smoothly Open and Close
  • Stylish and simple design for a clean and modern look

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Aluminium VFold Toilet Door Design

Aluminum V-fold Door is also popular for use in kitchen entrances, laundry rooms and so on, they can be customized in various designs and colors to suit the décor of your house. Let this stylish and simple V-fold Toilet Door make your home unique, clean, and modern. No matter what angle viewed from, inside or outside, you will only be able to see one slim join line.

  • Silent action on closing the door, thanks to its whisper quiet innovation.
  • Smooth easy operation with a push of a finger.
  • Improved soundproofing & air tightness.
  • Silent closing & better sound insulation once closed.
  • Rubber strips help stop water from escaping
  • Impact resistant, secure locking mechanism.
  • Impact resistant aluminum hinge & door panel.
  • Resist up to 80 kg weight when open halved.


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