Solity GEA-1000BK Digital Door Lock


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Access modes:

  • Fingerprint
  • Pin Code
  • RFID Tag
  • Wifi (Optional)
  • Mechanic key
  • Free Installation
  • 3 Years Warranty Policy [ First 2 year full coverage, 3rd year parts only ]



Solity GEA-1000BK Digital Door Lock Specification:

  • Instant Fingerprint Recognition

The GEA-1000BK recognizes your fingerprint as you push the door handle, ensuring a quick and easy opening experience. Fingerprint recognition takes only 0.9 seconds.

  • Break-In Alert

The lock promptly detects any forceful breakage or unusual intrusion, triggering an alarm immediately.

  • Anti-Theft Feature

If an incorrect unregistered password, RFID card, or fingerprint is attempted five times in a row, the lock sounds an alarm and temporarily disables for one minute.

  • High-Temperature Warning

In case of a high temperature (75°C +/- 3°C) indicating a fire risk, the lock sets off a loud alarm and automatically unlocks the door for a safe exit.

  • Low Battery Notification

If the lock is functioning normally but indicates a low battery through LED notification, replace all eight batteries at once.

  • Smart Solity Mobile App Control

Manage your door lock easily from short or long distances using the Smart Solity Mobile App. Create one-time, recurring, or time-limited PINs for guests and review the lock’s activity history.


Technical Features:

  • Access Mode              : Finger print| Passcode | RFID Card | Mobile App | Mechanical Key | WiFi.
  • Fingerprint                 : Yes (Upto 100)
  • Pin                                : Yes ( 1 master passcode + 4 User passcode)
  • RFID Card                  : Yes (Up to 100)
  • Mechanical key          : Yes( 2 keys)
  • OutDoor Dimension : 85×395×57mm
  • InDoor Dimension    : 85 x 395 x 57mm
  • Water Resistant         : Yes
  • Power                           : DC 6V AA Alkaline Batteries x 4
  • Warranty                     : 3 Years (First 2 year full coverage, 3rd year parts only)




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