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A safe and convenient life made accessible by the Samsung Smart Door Lock

With the clever Samsung door lock, you may have a safe and comfortable life.

With a newly developed Push-Pull lock and Bluetooth technology our digital security lock (Push-Pull, Mortise, Deadbolt, RIM) from Samsung constantly pushes home safe limits.

Our digital fingerprinting locks, doors and gates are now available. Your first concern is safety.


SMART IoT – WiFi Digital Door Lock
The most advanced door opening technology


Auto Polling:

Without pressing the wake-up button, an RF card or key tag is automatically validated for access.


Installation is Simple:

regardless of the usage direction, a double latch is used for installation. (Right/Left hand)

samsung randomaccess

Random Security Code

Feature: After pressing two random digits, the password will be entered. Random security prevents hackers from examining the fingerprint marks left behind.

samsung antitheft

Intrusion Prevention:

Even if the [Open/Close] button is pressed inside, the door will not open until the sensor senses movement inside.

samsung user friendly

Smart Door Lock’s user-friendly access

supports each person’s unique lifestyle through a number of access ways. (Keys / Passwords / RF Card / Fingerprint / Smart Tag / Passwords)

samsung randomaccess

TouchPad Screen:

The broad touch screen not only makes the design more modern and elegant, but it also improves the touch sensation when entering the password.


Just one step to open:

It just takes one step to open thanks to a revolutionary push and pull design idea. To open the door, use a single motion.


Automatic locking:

When you leave the house, the automatic locking function reduces the need to double-check the door lock. Feel secure when you’re out and about, and keep your house secure.

samsung doubleauth                               Double authentication:

This setting improves security by requiring two types of authentication. To unlock the door, both the password and the fingerprint/card must be confirmed (optional).

samsung antitheft

Anti-theft mode:

When departing, the user may activate the anti-theft mode by pushing the button, which creates a warning sound and prevents tampering.

samsung homesecurity

When it comes to home security

(Double-locking), this avoids unintentional unlocking attempts from the outside when you’re at home. The [Open/Close] button or the double locking button can be used to enable it.


Keypad Volume control:

Adjust the volume of your digital door lock to your preference, whether it’s to prevent disturbing others at night or to be aware of each and every entrance.

samsung smarthomeint

Low Battery Warning Signal:

A beep sound will notify you to change batteries when you open the door.

samsung 9vbattery

9V Battery Backup:

When the batteries are completely drained, use the 9V battery as a backup power source.


samsung smarthome

Interface with Samsung Smart Home:

To open the door, the lock includes an interface with a Samsung video door phone or home automation.

samsung masterfunctions

Master Function:

For general management, passwords/card sets are provided for the master key.

SMART IoT, WiFi Digital Door Lock
A Premium model with fingerprint recognition and Smartphone app services