Types Of Electronic Door Lock Singapore

7 Types Of Electronic Door Lock Singapore fits Well for your Home

Digital door locks have been around for quite a while now, and they only improve with time. If you are looking for a digital lock for your home in Singapore, then you are in luck.This article will list 7 best types of Electronic Door Lock Singapore from lever handle locks to keypad locks, there is something for everyone. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Lever Handle Electronic Door lock Singapore

Lever handle digital locks are becoming increasingly popular for home and business use. Here’s a quick guide to what they are, how they work & why they might be your best option.

Lever-handle digital locks are exactly what they sound like – a lever handle operated by a digital keypad. You can program these locks to allow access to multiple users, making them ideal for businesses or households with multiple people coming and going. They’re also great for security, as one can’t pick them like traditional locks.

How do they work? Simple – enter your code on the keypad or use any other method, and the lever will disengage, allowing you to enter. To change the code or any other authentication, enter or change into a new one. It’s that easy! (You can get all these information at their user-manuals)

Why are lever-handle digital locks the best digital lock type? They are very convenient as you don’t need to carry around a physical key to use the lever handle; for those who don’t like the push-pull set-up, then a lever handle would be great!

  Push Pull Handle Electronic Door lock Singapore

A push-pull handle digital lock is a door handle that uses an electronic locking system instead of a traditional key and lock. This type of lock is becoming increasingly popular in both commercial and residential settings because it offers a number of advantages over conventional locks.

Push-pull handle digital locks use an electronic locking system activated by either a keypad or fingerprint reader. Enter your code or place your finger on the reader to unlock the door. This makes it much easier to open the door, especially if you’re carrying groceries or other items.

In addition to being more convenient, push-pull handle digital locks are more secure and safer than traditional ones.

Smart Digital door lock

Smart digital locks offer a number of advantages over traditional locks and make traditional locks look like the Stone Age.

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Smart locks have advantages like :

Ability to access your entrance remotely.

Receive alerts when someone attempts to enter.

A phone app or key fob controls smart locks.

Set the schedule you want to control who accesses your home.

Enables you to unlock the door without touching the lock(face recognition)

Even though you can’t find them in more price ranges or types, they are still worthwhile if you need top-notch security and convenience for your home if you want to upgrade your home security.

Deadbolt Electronic door lock Singapore

Deadbolt digital locks are electronic locks that use a keypad or touchscreen to enter a code rather than a traditional key. They are called “deadbolts” because they have a bolt that goes into the doorframe, making them very difficult to pick or force open.

These locks are often used in commercial businesses and can be very expensive. Just like most locks, the deadbolt locks have a built-in alarm that will sound if the door is forced open.

Here is how it works: 

when the door is opened, the bolt extends to the frame. The bolt retracts when the door is closed, and the lock disables itself. If someone tries to force open the door, the bolt extends again, and an alarm sounds.

Glass Digital lock door lock

These locks offer a number of advantages over traditional locks, including letting you see who is at the door before opening it and increased security against break-ins.

Glass digital door locks work by using a touch screen panel to unlock the door. The panel is usually located inside the door, near the handle. You press your finger against the panel to unlock the door and enter your code. The lock will then open the door.

Here is how a glass door Lock works:

Glass door locks work by using an electromagnetic field to secure the door. When the door is closed, the area is activated, and the door is locked. To open the door, you need to deactivate the field.

There are main types of glass door locks: a key fob and a fingerprint scanner or other authentication methods like passcodes, remote control, and RFID Card. Key fob locks are more convenient, but they are pretty vintage; fingerprint scanner locks are more secure, as they require your fingerprint to unlock the door. But a remote control lock is still the most innovative and safe option.

Rim Smart door lock

In the market for a new digital lock for your home in Singapore? You may be wondering which type of lock is best for your needs. Several different types of digital locks are available on the market, and each has its own features & benefits.

One type of digital lock that is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore is the rim lock. Rim locks are designed to be installed on the inside of a door, making them ideal for homes with glass doors or windows, but the primary advantage of a rim lock is that it’s affordable and easy to use 

But the drawback is that it has fewer features than other digital locks.

Additionally, rim locks are relatively easy to install and can be used with most standard door hardware.

Keypad smart door lock

If you’re looking for a digital lock that will keep your home safe, you can’t go wrong with a keypad lock. Keypad locks are one of the most popular types of digital locks on the market & for a good reason. They’re easy to use and install and offer a high-security level.

In both residential and commercial decor, keypad locks are also known as digital, smart, and electronic. In contrast to conventional locks, Keypad locks lack a key and are opened by entering a special access code into a numerical pad. This is one of the earliest types of Digital locks for home and commercial use.

Even though these locks are no longer as popular as they were in previous years, people still favor them due to their simplicity and low cost!

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