HDB Gate Design in Singapore

8 Types of HDB Gate Design in Singapore

In this blog, we are going to explore the fascinating world of gates! Gates are not just functional barriers; they can also be stylish additions that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or property. We will dive into various types of gates, from mild steel gates to customized hdb gate design in Singapore that offer convenience and security.

Hdb Gate Design Types and Their Features

If you are living in Singapore and looking for Hdb metal gates, we have covered 8 types of Hdb house hdb gate design in Singapore and their common features. Before exploring the gate types, check out the common properties of the HDB gates.

Common HDB Gate design Properties :

  • All these HDB gate design are customizable using advanced technologies such as laser-cut and powder coating.
  • Hdb gates are widely available in standard sizes 3×7 ft and 4×7 ft. Users can customize according to their preferences.
  • Black, White, and grey colors are generally available colors. Personalization lets you choose any color from a wide range of colors.
  • And these gates are not just for HDB living spaces. All gates are suitable for condos, BTO, and landed properties in Singapore.
  • Single-leaf and double-leaf gates are customizable according to the customers’ needs.
  • Unit number design is also customizable according to users’ personal preferences.

HDB Mild Steel Gate


The HDB mild steel gate is made of steel material. Mild steel is a strong material hence these gates are highly durable. Mild steel gates come with different gate accessories like lever handles and long bar handles to improve accessibility. HDB mild steel gates include a bottom plate and that is optional.  Users can fix digital locks on this main gate without any hassle. Instead of plain design patterns, mild steel gates can have a mesh design in half and a panel design in another half. The mix-and-match of design elements is easy with HDB mild steel gates. These gates can have an opening space for a door viewer fixed on the main door.

HDB Laser Cut Gate


The laser-cut gate is made with high-quality mild steel as raw material, which is cut down by the latest and most expensive laser-cutting machine in the market and a group of professionals to bring the exact required design into the gate. Even though the designs are sharp, the edges will be smooth. This makes the laser-cut gate more user-friendly.

These are powder-coated gates and are available as single-leaf or double-leaf. Users can customize this gate according to the desired size and colors, with multiple unit number options. So, if you are willing to switch to high-class security and beautify your home simultaneously, you must consider fixing the Laser-cut gate at your doorstep.

Laser Cut hdb Gate Design :

Islamic Design Laser-Cut Design Gate:

The Islamic laser-cut gate will have religious symbols and writings of the Islamic religion. Laser-cutting made any minute design element possible with smooth finishing.

Royalty Laser-Cut Gate Design Gate:

As the name suggests, these royal laser-cut gates come with premium designs.

Modern Laser-Cut Gate:

Modern laser-cut gates will have designs of random patterns, shapes, birds, and animals with high precision in finishing.

HDB Laminate Gate


HDB laminate gate is made of mild steel metal with a laminate sheet coating on the surface. The laminate gates are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. The gate can have a laminate sheet layer on both the front and back sides of the gates. And users can choose laminate designs from a wide range of collections. HDB laminate gates are weather-resistant. The laminate layer will act as a resistance to common wear and tear. As the surface of the gate is smooth, it requires minimal maintenance.

Wall Art Gate

  • The wall art gate are made of mild steel and come with removable panels.
  • Users can remove the panel and place it on the wall.
  • The best part is these panels are customizable according to special occasions or festivals in terms of color, text, and design.
  • In wall art gate text design, pattern design, religious symbols, animals and illustrations are possible.
  • Any design is possible through laser-cut technology.
  • The powder coating method will be helpful to achieve any colors with smooth finishing. 
  • Wall art gates have enough space that support good ventilation in your space.

If you are looking for a unique gate options, a wall art gate is the answer. The wall art gate is suitable for any living space.

HDB Glass Gate


HDB glass gate is made of a metal frame with tempered glass. Tempered glass gates are mainly available in 2 types. Glass gates are the best option to get a light-filled area. The textured glasses will create ambient light in the particular space by diffusing the natural light.

Glass hdb gate design :

  1. Frosted Glass Gate
  2. Fluted Glass Gate

Frosted Glass Gate

  • Frosted glass has an appearance of fog or frost.
  • Frosted glass offers privacy by blurring the view.

Fluted Glass Gate

  • Fluted glass gates feature glasses that have vertical grooves or line-like structures that create a textured surface.
  • The vertical groove lines add visual interest and also provide privacy.

Mild Steel Mesh Gate


A mild steel mesh gate is a type of gate made from mild steel and constructed using a mesh design. The term “mesh” refers to the pattern or shapes that are arranged as a grid-like structure. The mesh can be in various sizes.

Mesh frames increase privacy without blocking the outside vision. Mesh gates are pet-friendly. Pets are safe within your home still they can enjoy the outside view and get some fresh air. This will be an ideal choice for people who have pets in their homes.

Mild Steel Privacy Gate

The mild steel privacy gate comes with Louver Designs. Louver designs gives a feel of out vision blocked and improved privacy.
These gates are often solid or semi-solid, they may have minimal openings or perforations. Privacy gates are commonly used in residential and commercial spaces to improve security.
Privacy gates are also pet-friendly that your pet are safe inside that house at the same time get enough outside air.

Wood-mixed Mild Steel Gate


It is a fusion of mild steel material with wooden panels. These wood-mixed mild steel gate can easily accommodate digital locks. This Wood-mixed mild steel gate comes with a user-friendly access system. It requires minimum customization to fit into any living space. These gates have a strong structure as it is made of durable metal frame. This metal frame provides longevity. The design of the wooden panels and the mild steel frame are customizable.

Customized hdb Gate design

Customization is now so easy with laser-cut technology. 

The customization process involves discussions with the customer to understand their preferences, design ideas, and any specific requirements they may have for the gate. This information is then used to create a gate that aligns with the customer’s vision. The final product could feature unique designs, patterns, finishes, and other details that make it tailored to the customer’s taste and needs.

A customizable kids’ safety room gate is the best example.  The kid safety gate is designed specifically to keep your little ones safe within any room of your home. The gate’s height is designed to prevent adventurous little ones from climbing over it, offering an extra layer of protection.

In short, users can choose the material, designs, security features, and any additional integrations.

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