Door Visual is known for attractive and affordable high-quality doors.

We make gorgeous, robust doors for homes in Singapore. Our goods are the HDB door, the doors of the bedroom, the toilet, the metal gates and Digital locks.

Discuss with us today about the requirements of your door. We provide premium and exotic doors with great quality at an affordable price.


We offer a wide assortment of doors to our customers and choose a door that is style and material for your needs.

The door provides laminate, veneer and other sub-settings, and we also have a door with proper certifications. The door is provided with two basic sizes: a 3×7 feet single leaf and a 4×7 feet double leaf. We are glad to adapt to your requirements.

Laminate Designs Singapore
Wide Rage Formica Laminate Designs


Would you want a more door design for HDB or condo? If true, the only option is Door Visual. In Singapore, we deliver superior laminate doors and have more design.

The only reason for laminating is that painting or maintaining is not required. The surfaces are scratch-resistant and water-resistant and are ideal for homemakers and small children. With a groove line that is customized according to customer specifications. We provide doors that are completely, sturdy, and fully solid

How Laminates are Made in Singapore 2021

Pro’s Of Laminate Main Entrance Door

  1. Water resistance
  2. Scratch resistance
  3. Less maintenance
  4. No painting / varnishing required
  5. Looks good

Veneer Main Entrance Door

The most affordable alternative for entering your house is a veneer door. The Veneer door comes in a variety of forms and sizes, unlike the laminate door. It brings tradition back to your home.

Thin wooden or barked parts are placed on the surface of these portico-door skins, and one or more shades are attached to the interior panels. It may be done in any style to add to your home’s design. The veneer door is one of the newest housing choices, a typical HDB and CONDO form.

The Pros of a Veneer Main Entrance Door:

  1. The price is reasonable.
  2. It has a natural wood appearance.
  3. Aesthetics that are affordable
  4. Versatility
  5. Durability
  6. Reworking is simple.
Veneer Main Door

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