Toilet Door

As the flats and apartments are smaller, similarly, the toilet door in Singapore gives less room for the toilet. Our door visual offers toilet doors that have been customized for the wood, glass and color inner panels.

The door opens to all families in Singapore and includes a sliding and swinging door, a bi-fold toilet door, a V-fold door and a glass toilet door.

Different Types of Toilet Door

  • V-fold toilet doors
  • Slide and swing toilet doors
  • Bi-fold toilet doors
  • Glass toilet doors

Slide and Swing Toilet Door  Design

The most popular are the slide and swing doors in Singapore. A simple operating mechanism has been installed, the swing is opened and closed and the frame cannot be easily broken by the lock or the clip.

In combination with various glass panels, we supply aluminum frame designs.

Pro’s Of Slide and Swing Toilet  Door

  1. Wide ranges of color tones
  2. Allow natural light to pass
  3. Durable
  4. Anti-corrosive
  5. Smooth open and free up space
  6. Lightweight
  7. Moisture-resistant
  8. Mix & Match of design for Panel
  9. Maintenance-free

Bi-fold Toilet Door Design

The Bi-fold door is Singapore’s most popular toilet. The model and color can be chosen, door panels mixed and matched.

The Bi-Fold Door is the best choice for low-cost, basic modern doors. The entryway is opened or closed.

Pro’s Of Bi-fold Toilet Door

  1. A low-cost option for homeowners
  2. Maintenance-free
  3. Smooth operation
  4. Free up space
  5. Aluminum frame is rust and corrosion-resistance
  6. Moisture resistance
  7. Allow to mix and match the inner panel color
  8. Stylish and simple design for a clean
  9. Durable material
Glass Toilet Door

A glass door might be another easy way to make your toilet look vintage and traditional. You may divide your bathroom and toilet into discrete dry and moist regions with our well-conceived glass toilet door.

Door visual offers a range of options for the acquisition of doors in Singaporean style.

Pro’s of Glass Toilet Door

  1. Attractive
  2. Customizable for your need
  3. Long-lasting & Desirable
  4. Low Maintenance
  5. Less Molding