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How to Choose the Perfect Main Door for a 4×7 ft Home Entrance

Finding the perfect fit: How to Choose the Perfect Main Door for a 4×7 ft Home Entrance

Selecting the ideal main entrance door for a 4×7 ft space can seem like an overwhelming task. With so many options in style, material, size, and price, how do you determine what will perfectly suit your needs?

This blog provides helpful tips on evaluating the key factors to consider when choosing a front door for your 4×7 ft entranceway. We explore the options between swinging wood doors, laminate doors, vinyl doors, and more. 

Guidance is provided on determining space requirements, budget, maintenance needs, and security priorities to narrow down your choices.

When you know exactly what you want in a stylish yet practical door, finding the perfect fit for your home is easy. Follow our recommendations, and you’ll soon be welcoming guests through an entrance door you’ll love for years to come. The perfect fit is within your reach!

Here You Can Notice the difference between 3×7 ft & 4×7 ft Doors Sizes.

Factors to consider while choosing 4×7 ft laminate main door:

Available width and height

– Measure the exact width and height of your doorway opening in feet. Make sure to account for door jambs and headers requiring some space. The width should be at least 4 ft and the height at least 7 ft for your specified space. Adjust measurements up or down depending on your needs. If you cannot measure, you can reach out to the place where you choose your new door or check whether the supplier offers installation service.

Style considerations

– In Singapore, swinging doors are very common in homes. However, sliding doors can also work well for smaller spaces and provide an unobstructed view. Folding doors are more niche. Consider local styles and aesthetics. But again, this is optional; we think the swinging door has yet to go out of trend, but it still has big potential to make an impactful entrance. However, because every door in a condo is 4×7 feet in size, you must choose the best condo or landed property laminate main door if you live in one.

Design considerations

– You can select a main door made of laminate, such as a full solid laminate main door, a single tone laminate main door, or a double tone laminate main door, or you can choose a traditional wooden door, a main door with groove lines or stainless steel stripe designs, or anything else – You need to set a decision to choose the best door that can suit your property!

Security needs

 A sturdy, solid wood or steel door with locking mechanisms like a deadbolt lock will provide good security for a main entrance. For high-rise homes, sound insulation may also be necessary. For more security measures we suggest installing digital locks as it’s becoming a trend all because of their advanced features and safety benefits. If you’re flat is required to install fire rated door, then you need to install fire rated laminate main door for the best security for your premises and occupants when an uncertain fire incident arises.


 Door options in Singapore can range from basic swinging wood doors(laminate, wooden doors) to premium steel doors. Determine your budget to choose an affordable and durable option for your needs.


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Door materials to consider while Choosing 4×7 ft laminate main door

1: Wood: Natural, durable, attractive but expensive, high maintenance.

Options: Solid wood, Wood laminate, Wood veneer.

1. Solid Wood: Nothing beats solid wood if you’re looking for natural beauty. The grain patterns and textures are unique to each piece, making it an attractive choice for a main door. However, solid wood doors can be expensive and require regular maintenance to prevent warping or cracking. We have a collection of full solid laminate doors, much better than the original solid wood doors. Visit our page & check it out for yourself.

2. Wood Laminate: A more affordable alternative to solid wood is a laminate door made with a thin layer of wood veneer over a core material. This type of door can mimic the look of real wood but without the high price tag. It’s also easy to maintain and less likely to warp. Check out our laminate main doors.

3. Wood Veneer: Similar to laminate doors, veneer doors have a thin layer of real wood glued onto a core material. Veneers offer the same natural beauty as solid wood but at a fraction of the cost. However, they are less durable than solid wood or laminates and may require refinishing over time.

When choosing the perfect main door for your 4×7 ft space in Singapore, consider your budget, maintenance preferences, and desired aesthetic before deciding between full solid wooden laminate or veneer options to find something that perfectly fits your needs!

2 : Vinyl: Strong, low-maintenance, weather-resistant, inexpensive. No insulation.

1. Vinyl is a strong material that can withstand the test of time. It’s perfect for main doors because it can resist breakage and deformation caused by weather changes, direct sunlight, and other environmental factors. Plus, it requires minimal maintenance to maintain its durability.

2. Unlike wood or metal doors, vinyl does not require insulation to keep your home warm during colder months or cool during the summer season. This means you don’t have to worry about additional expenses when installing a new door in your 4×7 ft space.

3. Another benefit of choosing vinyl as your main door material is its weather resistance property. It can repel water and prevent damage from wind gusts or hail storms – something that homeowners living in areas with variable weather conditions will find helpful.

4. Lastly, vinyl is affordable compared to other materials like wood or fiberglass doors without compromising quality and durability.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance yet durable main door option for your 4×7 ft space, consider getting one made of laminate material. Its durability, weather-resistance feature, affordability, and easy upkeep make it a superb choice for any homeowner looking to upgrade their front entryway while staying on budget!

Find the best door supplier to choose the right one

Choosing the right main entrance door for a 4×7 ft space in your home is important. Your door should suit your needs, complements your home’s style, and provides quality, durability, and security. 

We Doorvisual is Singapore’s leading supplier of main entrance doors and offers the widest range of high-quality 4×7 ft doors at affordable price points. Having helped homeowners for years, we know how to choose the perfect front door. At Doorvisual, choosing the right door should be easy and hassle-free.

Whether you prefer a simple swinging door like a solid wood door or maybe a fire rated door of 4x7ft size, Doorvisual has the best options to suit the requirements of your condo entrance. Our collection includes wooden doors, full solid laminate doors, single and double tone main doors, Timber doors, and condo/landed property main doors. Each material has unique benefits – Our experts can guide you to the one that suits your budget and needs. Meanwhile, you can also check out our doors that’s suited for other spaces like bathroom, kitchen, and so on.

At Doorvisual, we aim to simplify your home renovation journey. When choosing an important component like your front door, trust us to have the best options at affordable prices so you can find a door that you will love for years to come. Choose the right 4×7 ft main door for your home – Doorvisual has it!

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