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Different Types of Metal Gates that’s suitable for Your Home

Different Types of Metal Gates that’s suitable for Your Home

So you’ve decided some stylish metal gates would be perfect for enhancing your place’s security and curb appeal, huh? Yeah, metal gates can be a great choice, and many options are out there these days. Whether you want to replace your standard HDB main door spruce up with some designer wooden door, or solid wood doors or add a touch of shine with sleek metal accents, we’ve got the lowdown on the popular types of metal gates.

Metal doors and gates have come a long way. Gone are the days of plain steel – now you can find metal gates in every style, from sleek and modern to rustic and industrial. Want views without compromising security? Look to metal gates with glass panels or mesh inserts. Need to control access? Metal gates work with your choice of handle locks and digital locks(recommended) for high-tech control.

By the time you finish reading, you’ll know exactly what kind of metal gates to choose for enhancing curb appeal after the decision you had about hdb main door replacement.. Having a metal gate along with your main door is great in improving safety. Feel free to ask any questions you may have – we’re happy to provide more recommendations and guidance to help you select metal gates you’ll love for years to come.

Doorvisual · Different Types Of Metal Gates That’s Suitable For Your Home

Popular Metal Gates For Singapore Home.

Mild Steel Gates


Click Here to Refer More Mild Steel Gate Examples.

Style: Simple tube steel bars in a steel frame. Sturdy, durable, and straightforward.

Simple tube steel bars in a steel frame. Sturdy, durable, and straightforward. Mild steel gates make a bold, rugged statement with their industrial-chic aesthetic. The solid, tube steel design is security done right, preventing intrusion while allowing your curb appeal to shine through.

Materials: Mild steel bars and frames. Powder-coated finishes in a range of colors.

The materials come with Mild steel bars and frames. We also use Powder-coated finishes in a range of colors. You’ll love how the steel construction combines strength and style with corrosion-resistant powder coating keeping the metal looking as good as new for years.



*Resistant to corrossion

*Powder coating with Spray painted finish

*Low Maintenance required


*Pet friendly

Laser Cut Gates


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Style: Ornate steel gates with decorative laser-cut mesh panels. Stylish mesh accents contrast with the steel frame.

Ornate steel gates with decorative laser-cut mesh panels. Stylish mesh accents contrast with the steel frame, creating a gateway that’s gorgeous as it is guarding. Laser-cut gates turn heads at first sight before winning them forever with security and style in perfect harmony.

Materials: Laser-cut mesh panels in a steel or wrought iron frame. Powder-coated for corrosion resistance.

Decorative mesh patterns are laser cut into strong steel or wrought iron for an eye-catching, durable design. The metal frame provides stability and support, bearing the weight and impact of the mesh panels with ease. Powder-coated for corrosion resistance and a lasting finish. We use a high-grade CNC Laser machine to cut the gate into detailed designs.

Features: Unique style combines security and visual appeal. Durable and low-maintenance.

Unique style combines security and visual appeal – You can Stop settling for plain steel gates when laser cut gates dazzle and guard with equal brilliance.

Durable and low-maintenance – Despite its artistic design, laser cut gates refuse to weaken from the weather. The powder-coated metal construction keeps them looking as stunning as the day they were installed with minimal fuss or cost.

Welded and stabilized construction – Laser-cut mesh panels are expertly welded and stabilized within the metal frame for the strength you can depend on, the security you can feel good about, and the style that stands the test of time.

Decorative patterns available – Choose a laser cut mesh style to suit your taste – geometric, Islamic, floral, scalloped, or custom patterns available upon request

Laminate Gates


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Style: Solid laminate panels in an aluminum or steel frame. Streamlined, seamless profile.

Solid laminate panels that are highly compressed with plywood at the top and streamlined, seamless profile. Laminate gates fuse wood-style warmth with minimal, sleek style for a gateway that invites while preventing intrusion. With plywood reinforcement, they secure your space while refining its curb appeal.

Materials: Laminate wood grain or solid color panels framed in aluminum or steel.

Laminate panels provide an affordable wood grain or solid color facade. It gives a durable and low maintenance feature for many years.

Features: Secure, weather, and scratch resistant with an affordable upfront cost. Low-maintenance.

Attractive wood grain or color options:  From warm wood tones to trendy grays and more, You can choose a look to suit both home style and personal taste. Solid shades ensure depth and coherence.

Available in different sizes: Laminate gates are crafted to dimensions that suit your HDB and BTO Flat entrance, fitting any gateway perfectly while highlighting curb appeal. It comes in 3×7 and 4×7 ft sizes!

Durable and affordable upfront cost: Laminate construction and steel/aluminum frame combine quality and value. Upscale style and secure construction at a budget-friendly price point.

Low-maintenance: No sealing or refinishing required – laminate stands up to weather and weathering with minimal fuss. The metal frame further reduces maintenance needs.

Wall art Gates

Click Here to Refer More Wall Art Gate Examples.


WAG gates come in a range of stylish designs, from simple vertical bars to more decorative styles with curves, cut-outs, and embellishments. The lean metal frames have a sleek, modern appeal but can also capture a rustic, industrial vibe.


WAG gates are constructed from durable, weather-resistant metals such as stainless steel & Mild steel material. Some gates feature patinated or distressed finishes for an antique, weathered look. The metal gates are powder coated in various spray paint colors or finishes, such as metallic, matte, or glossy shades.


  • You can attach and remove panels directly into walls
  • You can buy different panels and use them on gates to suit different occasions
  • It brings out more decorative cutout and scrollwork styles
  • Rustproof, weather-resistant metals like stainless steel, wrought iron, and aluminum
  • Powder-coated or patinated finishes in custom colors
  • Sleek, modern design with minimalist appeal
  • Can fit perfectly for 4×7 and 3×7 feet – compatible for Designer HDB, BTO, Condo flat entrance

Glass Gates


Click Here to Refer More Glass Gate Examples.


Glass gates have a sleek, minimalist design that creates an open space. The transparent glass panels fade into the background, drawing the eye to the surroundings. The metal frames are available in black, silver, and bronze for a modern aesthetic or weathered steel for an industrial touch.


Our gates’ glass panels are tempered for strength, safety, and impact resistance. The frames and any crossbars or grills on the gates are constructed of durable mild steel. The combination of glass and metal results in stylish yet strong gates.


  • Made of tempered glass panels for safety and strength, mounted in a mild steel frame
  • Available with many patterns, you can either select the styles available or choose a customized one
  • Transparent glass panels provide an unobstructed view while marking property lines.
  • Modern, minimalist design that fades into the background
  • Glass panels can be tinted or etched for style while still allowing views.
  • Creates an open, airy feel with visibility into the surrounding space
  • Glass panels are shatter-resistant to withstand or reduce damage caused by unexpected accidents.
  • Panels are made of tempered glass, but frames & any crossbars are mild steel(You can explore the designs to have a clear idea)

Installation and Pricing details for Metal Gates

We offer free installation and shipping on all gates within Singapore to ensure a seamless experience from purchase to delighted customers. Installation costs will vary depending on the gate type, size, and intricacy of design, but our gates range from $750 to $1530 SGD before any customization.

Mild steel gate

  • Basic gate styles start at $750 SGD; larger and more decorative designs can go higher to cover customization cost
  • No Installation cost
  • On-site measurement included

Laminate Gates

  • Fully assembled laminate gates range from $1,080 to $1,680 SGD
  • No Installation cost
  • On-site measurement included

Laser-cut gate

  • Laser-cut metal gates start at $1150-$1400 SGD(for 3×7 ft size to 4×7 ft size respectively) and range up more for larger, more intricate gate designs(e.g., Islamic pattern design or more personalized design)
  • No cost for installation
  • On-site measurement included

Wall art gate

  • Wall art gates range from $1180 to $1530 SGD
  • No Installation cost
  • On-site measurement included

Glass gate

  • Glass gates range from $1180 to $1280 SGD
  • No Installation cost
  • On-site measurement included

We also offer affordable installation payment plans for each gate to make our gates accessible to more homeowners in Singapore.

Please contact us for more details and quotes for your specific project. We aim to make the purchasing and installation process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

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