Hafele DL7600 vs PP8100 fire-rated digital door lock

Hafele DL7600 vs PP8100 Digital Door Lock – Pick Your Perfect Match!

Keeping your home safe is a top priority, and in case of a fire, every second counts. Fire-rated digital locks provide an extra layer of security by offering protection against flames and smoke for a designated period. Hafele, a well-known brand in home hardware, offers two excellent fire-rated digital lock options: the Hafele DL7600 Digital door lock and the Hafele PP8100 Digital door lock. But with both boasting fire safety and sleek designs, choosing between them can be tricky.

This blog post dives deep into a head-to-head comparison of the Hafele DL7600 and PP8100 fire-rated Digital lock, analyzing their features, functionality, design aesthetics, and price points. By the end, you’ll be equipped to make an informed decision about which fire-rated digital lock is the perfect fit for your home.

Hafele DL7600 Digital Door Lock VS Hafele PP8100 Digital Door Lock

FeatureHafele DL7600Hafele PP8100
Double VerificationYesYes
Away / Defense ModeYesYes
Silent Unlock ModeNoYes
Electric Shock ResistanceNoYes
Fingerprint Memory100100
PIN MemoryUser Code – 10 + Master Code -1User Code – 10 + Master Code -1
RFID Card Memory100100
Smart App IntegrationYesYes
Fire RatingUp to 30 minutes ( Cyclic Test – 1,00,000 Times )Up to 60 minutes (Cyclic test- 2,00,000 Times)
Door Gap Requirement3 mm minimum3 mm Minimum
Emergency PowerMicro USB port for power bank5V battery via Micro USB port
DimensionFront – 76(W) X 25(D) X 341(H) mm(include handle)                   Back –  80(W) X 27(D) X 359(H) mm(include handle)Front – 78.5x 394 x 76.5 mm Back – 78.5 x 394 x 69.5 mm
Fire – SensorNoYes
Access ModesFingerprint, PIN, RFID, Bluetooth, Physical KeysFingerprint, PIN, RFID, Bluetooth, Physical Keys
Smart Home IntegrationZ-Wave Module (OPT)Z-Wave Module (OPT)

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Consideration between Two Digital locks :

1.    Design and Build Quality

Hafele PP8100: This model boasts a push-pull mortise lock design, ensuring ease of access while maintaining robust security features.

Hafele DL7600: Featuring a lever handle mortise lock design, the DL7600 offers a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, suitable for various door types.

2.    Fire Rating and Durability

Hafele PP8100: Tested and approved for fire resistance up to 60 minutes, with a remarkable cyclic test of up to 200,000 times, meeting the stringent standards of SS 332:2018+A1:2022 in Singapore.

Hafele DL7600: While slightly lower in fire resistance with up to 30 minutes, it still offers commendable durability, tested up to 100,000 cycles, meeting the same standards as its counterpart.

3.    Access Modes

Both models offer versatility with multiple access modes, including fingerprint recognition, passcode entry, RFID card access, mechanical key, and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Fingerprint – Upto 100nos
  • RFID – Upto 100nos
  • PIN: User Code – 10
  • Master Code – 1

4.    Mobile App Integration

Both Hafele PP8100 and DL7600 offer the convenience of Hafele Smart Lock App compatibility, allowing users to control and monitor their locks remotely via Bluetooth.

5.    Additional Security Features

Hafele PP8100: Offers a master password management system, fake pin security, double verification process, private mode, double lock mode, and defense mode to bolster security.

Hafele DL7600: Equipped with features like away mode/defense mode, double verification, private mode, and a random number password entry to enhance security.

6.    User-Friendly Features

Both models come with low battery warning alerts, silent mode activation, voice guide features available in English / Chinese languages, and options for smart home integration.

7.    Power Source and Emergency Backup

Hafele PP8100: Powered by a 6V alkaline battery, ensuring reliable performance.

Hafele DL7600: Operates on eight AA-size alkaline batteries (1.5V each), with the added convenience of emergency power via a 5V power bank through a micro USB port.

8.    Dimensions and Compatibility

Hafele PP8100: Front dimension: 78.5(W) x 76.5(D) x 394(H) mm, it is suitable for door thickness ranging from 38 to 90 mm.

Hafele DL7600: Front dimensions of 76(W) X 25(D) X 341(H)mm, it is suitable with door thickness ranging from 35 to 60 mm.

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Both Hafele DL7600 and PP8100 are excellent digital door locks, each with its own strengths:

There’s no single “best” digital door lock between the Hafele DL7600 and PP8100 – it all depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Ultimately, the best way to choose is to carefully consider the features, design, and budget that matter most to you. By reading the complete features and functionalities of both locks, you’ll be well-equipped to pick the one that perfectly suits your needs and keeps your home secure.

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