Types of Hdb Door Design

15 Types of Hdb Door Design Ideal for Singapore in 2024

We have come up with something exciting and informative this time. Yes, we are going to explore the type of hdb door design in Singapore. Throughout the article, we will discover trending as well as classic door designs that will fit HDB flats, condos, and landed properties. In short, the door for every space. We are starting!

Common Properties of HDB Door Design

First things first, HDB Doors are customizable according to customers’ needs. Any colors, sizes, and designs are possible for personalization.

  • The standard sizes of HDB Doors are 3×7 ft and 4×7 ft.
  • Any laminate design is possible from thousands of laminate sheet collections.
  • HDB Doors are suitable for condos, BTO, and landed properties too.
  • Single-leaf and double-leaf designs are also customizable for any living space.
  • Digital door lock models can be installed on any type of laminate door if needed.

Hdb Laminate Main Door Design

The structure of the laminate door consists of solid wood as the core and laminate sheet coated on the surface. The laminate layer provides excellent durability. These full solid doors have a thickness of 40 mm. HDB laminate main door comes with soundproof foam filling for noise reduction. This laminate layer is resistant to scratches, stains, and fading. The laminate main door requires minimum maintenance.  The main advantage of the door is, that it can adapt to climate change. In short, HDB Laminate main doors are weather-resistant.

Fire-rated Laminate Main Door


Design and test a fire-rated laminate main door to possess a specific level of fire resistance. Craft these doors with materials and construction techniques capable of withstanding fire, with typical ratings measured in minutes, commonly ranging from 30 to 60 minutes

Single-Tone Laminate Main Door:


A single-tone laminate main door has a single color throughout its laminate surface. Unlike doors with multiple tones or patterns, a single-tone laminate main door offers a simple and uniform appearance.

Double-Tone Laminate Main Door:


A double-tone laminate main door features two colors or two different designs. This is achieved by merging two laminate sheets, this mixing creates contrasting styles as well as several color designs in a Single door.

Groove line, SS Line, and Aluminium Line Mix Laminate Door

  • Groove line design features a line on the surface of the door.
  • A stainless-steel line mix laminate main door typically features a design that incorporates stainless steel as lines or stripes, into the small cavity on the surface of the laminate door. Stainless steel has silver, black, golden, and rose gold color options.
  • The aluminum line features an aluminum strip inside this groove line. The aluminum strip has three color options such as black, gold, and rose gold.

Condo/Landed Laminate Main Door

  • A Condo Laminate Main Door is designed to complement the unique requirements of condominium living.
  • Condominium entrances often feature wider dimensions compared to HDB flats; these laminate main doors are crafted to seamlessly fit those dimensions.
  • Whatever the size it may be, the doors can be customized accordingly.
  • The best part is that laminate doors require minimal maintenance.

Hdb Bedroom Door Design

When it comes to HDB bedroom door designs, there are various options available to suit different preferences and styles. Full solid laminate bedroom doors are a popular choice for HDB bedrooms. There are numerous design options available for laminate bedroom doors, including different patterns, and colors. Thinking about a bedroom door for your hdb bedroom? Get to know the below bedroom door designs.

Laminate Bedroom Door

  • The laminate bedroom door features a layer of laminate over full solid timber wood as a core part. This build will support durability over the years.
  • Solid timber wood interior is an affordable option.
  • Among these, the solid timber structure stands out as the most commonly chosen option, ensuring not only durability but also a timeless appeal for your bedroom door.

Barn Bedroom Door:

 Barn bedroom door comes with a raw design. Any wood can be made into barn style. Barn doors can be used in any space as they require minimum functional space.  When it comes to functionality barn doors have two options.

Swing Barn Bedroom Door:


A Swing Barn Bedroom Door is a type of bedroom door that is designed to swing open and close, similar to traditional interior doors that are hinged.

Slide Barn Bedroom Door:

A Slide Barn Bedroom Door, on the other hand, is a bedroom door that operates by sliding horizontally along a track mounted above the doorway. The sliding mechanism allows for smooth and space-efficient operation, making it a popular choice for bedrooms with limited space. The finishing of the barn door is also customizable from raw design to laminate finish.

Premium Lining Mix Laminate Bedroom Door [ 2024 Exclusive Designs]

 The premium line mix laminate bedroom door comes with a stainless steel or groove line with a premium finish. These Premium lining mixed laminate bedroom will have multiple colors and design options. The smooth laminate finish will be a perfect canvas for this premium lining.

Hdb Glass Door Design


Hdb Glass doors come with wooden or aluminum frames. Glass doors are the perfect choice for spaces where natural light matters. Glass doors effortlessly pass the light through. These doors can be found in various forms such as sliding glass doors, interior glass doors, exterior glass doors and so on. Glass doors can be single-panel or multi-panels.

HDB Kitchen Glass Doors [ 2024 Exclusive Design]


Hdb kitchen doors come with Aluminum and Wooden frames.

  • Hdb kitchen Glass door provides a way to visually connect different areas of your home.
  • kitchen doors to oil stains and food spillage, but keep them looking clear and free from smudges by quickly wiping them with a glass cleaner
  • If you have children or a busy household, glass doors can allow you to keep an eye on activities in the kitchen even when you are in another part of the home.

Wooden Frame Glass Panel Door

  • Wooden Frame Glass door door using solid timber wood for a sturdy glass hold. Utilize the wooden panel for customization, enabling a half-panel with glass and half covered with wood, making it adaptable to any type of space
  • Depending on your privacy needs, you can choose glass panels that offer varying levels of transparency. Clear glass provides a clear view, while frosted or textured glass can provide a level of privacy.

Interior Glass Doors

  • Interior glass doors create a bright atmosphere as they are glass panels that allow natural light.
  • Interior Glass doors can have noise-reducing properties. This can be the best option for places where a quiet atmosphere is essential.
  • Interior glass doors are the ideal choices for Reading rooms, Libraries, hospitals and clinics, restaurant cabins, resorts, and museums.

Exterior Glass Doors:


Exterior glass door are suitable for residential homes, public buildings, educational institutions, hospital industries, theatres, and so on. Are Design glass doors to withstand climate changes. Exterior glasses can have fluted and frosted glass to get privacy. Exterior glass doors resist or reduce outside noise .

Sliding Glass Door with Wooden Frame

This wooden sliding glass door comes with a glass panel and wooden frame. The sliding glass door will have a horizontal track. The sliding door mechanism allows for smooth operation. While glass panels offer transparency, there are options for enhancing privacy. Use frosted or fluted glass to restrict visibility from the outside while still permitting the passage of light.

Sliding Wooden Door Designs

This Sliding wooden door’s functionality gives a smooth entry and exit. These sliding would be a perfect match for small space houses because this door saves your house space much more than any other type of door.

Sliding Laminate Door with Pelmet


Sliding laminate doors with pelmet can be a good option to create a clean and polished look, by hiding the sliding track. Install a framework above the door frame to achieve a finished interior appearance with the pelmet.

Sliding laminate door without pelmet [ 2024 Exclusive Design]


In contrast to doors featuring pelmets, this door lacks a decorative framework or valance above it. Traditionally employed for aesthetics and concealing curtain fixtures, it eschews pelmets. Its versatility makes it suitable for any living space, particularly appealing to those desiring a raw and vintage ambiance.

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